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Pageant Executive Director Marianne Hamilton

Next Pageant Dates

Ms. Senior Universe January 2024 in Las Vegas!

Ms. Senior USA Luxury Ship Cruise 2024

Ms. Senior United States 2024 in Miami!


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In Loving Memory of Our Friends, Our Sisters,

Our Family, Our Forever Queen Angels and

Heaven's Pageant Director Lenny Kaplan


Athena Mislewski

Ms. Senior South Dakota USA, Winner Heaven’s Pageant 2018

Toya Andrew

Ms. Super Senior Virgin Islands Universe, Winner Heaven’s Pageant 2018

June Lacey

Ms. Super Senior Minnesota USA, Winner Heaven’s Pageant 2019

Correan Baker

Ms. Senior Ohio USA, Winner Heaven’s Pageant 2020

Tamara Swihart

Ms. Super Senior Germany Universe, Winner Heaven’s Pageant 2020

Judy Cook

Ms. Senior Kentucky USA, Winner Heaven’s Pageant 2020

Bernardine Cantrell

Ms. Senior Georgia USA, Winner Heaven’s Pageant 2021

Marilyn O'Connell

Ms. Grande Dame Universe 2020

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